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Miss Lunch. Cook, Visual Artist and Founder of Lunch In The Loft

I have been following and admiring Miss Lunch for a long time. She is the talk of town in Paris. Her unique and inspiring approach to cooking makes me want to jump on a plane a visit her.  I think we would have a lot of fun together. I’m so thrilled she agreed to share her ideas and passion with me. If you are planning a trip to the city of lights make sure to reserve a spot at her Loft.  
Miss Lunch is a cook and a visual artist. In other words Miss Lunch is an ‘artist-cook’! Miss Lunch gives cooking lessons from home or from PPP, concocts culinary performances and artistic installations as-well as creates new recipes. Today, she’d like to offer you the pleasure of tasting her lunches & dinners. What is her culinary inspiration? Mostly cosmopolitan, a mixed grill and very globe trotterish, her geography has become very “gourmand”: from her Egyptian Grand Mother’s baklava to her Grand Father’s South African “biltong”, she naturally landed in Paris lured by its renown gastronomy and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. And there’s also… Pantelleria, a very small island, wild and volcanic, situated between Tunisia and the South of Sicily. Miss Lunch knows this island so well. We have become friends over the seasons. The volcanic earth, the capers, the grapes, the incessant winds and its landscape visited by so many different populations rich in culinary traditions are a continuous form of inspiration. Miss-Lunch-Silvia-Baldini-fish A diamond hunt across the globe from a Flemish Grand Father, a great uncle who got gobbled up by the Sha of Persia’s tiger, poetic dinners and musical chairs, tamed mosquitoes and foody parents (her Mother sold her tailored suit in order to be able to taste just one more time the lemon tarts of a reputable pastry chef before boarding the boat back home)- this is a brief resumé of fabulous matter that has nourrished Miss Lunch all along her life and that she transposes for you here in her kitchen! logo3

Miss Lunch chez PPP

Première Pression Provence 3, rue Antoine Vollon – 75012 Paris Tél : 09 60 15 48 56 /01 53 33 03 59

A meal Miss Lunch loves:

Anything is delicious as long as it is real. Percebes I love and can’t eat enought of them, but then an image of the percebes catcher hanging onto the cliff and the big wave of the sea almost ready to wipe him out makes me very sad.

Miss Lunch Cooking Tip:

Chuck out old spices!

Miss Lunch Inspiration:

Claudia Roden, she went to school with my father and my aunt in Cairo. I’ve only met her briefly but I’ve always thought she was groovy and grew up on her famous best seller Middle Eastern Cooking.

A Secret Ingredient:

I don’t have any secrets, that is ridiculous. I share everything. Clients ask for recipes and I either recite them as I chop onions or when I have time I post them on FB. I remember being in a puny, crap sort of tea house in Wales. And everything was so expensive , people looked forlorn, and I was so hungry and so with friends we shared this tiny scrawny meal together and the vinaigrette intrigued me because the rest of the meal was not that great at all and neither was the ambiance and when I asked what was in the vinaigrette they said it was a secret. I thought that was a bit thick! I share all I know in my books!

I have small hands, so my french knives, Sabatier, have four sizes. Expensive, I also I got a great vegetable peeler, it works so well it could peel your skin off. I got it from a “Trois fois rien” shop (a dollar store) in Marseille! Cheap!

Best Food Shopping In Paris:

I do my market shopping every morning for my restaurant, I don’t really have the choice, but it happens to be the best one in Paris, le marché Beauvau et Aligre

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