Tray Chic Ideas

Tray Chic. Share Food.



CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP: Women’s March Merchandise /Heart Ramekins Le Creuset / Steam Artichokes Over Bros CherryBombe / Spiralizer


CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP: White Fresh Truffle  Urbani Truffles /Forest Family Tray  Juliska /Agnelli Professional Cookware  Agnelli USA / Copper Tray ShopTerrain/ Mulino Bianco Pan Di Stelle  BuonItalia


CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP: Edible Violas  Terrain /Moët & Chandon Rosé  Reserve Bar /Chopped Gear  Food Network / Turbinado Raw Sugar Oxo Flexible Spatula


CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP: Pistachio Oil SoulCycleClasses, /Melissa Steamed Lentils, / Diffuser By Decker Barney’s Warehouse/HankyPanky Thongs,


CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP: Spadoni 00 Flour Erasable Food Lables, Container Store /Winter Berries Wine StopperAmazon/Colored Mason Jar /Vanilla Pods



CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP: The Family Meal by Ferran Adria’ Amazon.comWilliams-Sononma/ Good Manners For Kids By Emily /ChalkBoardTerrain/Middle Eastern /Charles Viancin Lid Set,


to help you share your food;  so you can enjoy sunny summer picnics, lazy lunches and cozy evenings in style


CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP: Backyard Beehive, Williams-Sononma/ Grow Lazy Susan, /White French Marble Lazy Susan, World Market/French Bull Melamine Lazy Suan, /Dusty Spirngfield, The Windmill Of Your Mind, ITunes Sore/


CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP:  Heritage Square Casserole, Mezzaluna Rocking Vegetable Knife, /10pc Extra-Tough 1/2 Gallon Stand-Up Zipper Freezer Storage Bags, /Chill Out CD , Deluxe Foodmill,


CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP:  Hidden Atoll Baking Set Bormioli Rocco Quattro Stagioni Canning Jars, /Flip and Tumble Reusable Produce Bags, /Staub Enamel Pie dish, Sur La Table/Translucent Canning Funnel,


CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP: Mr Penguin coffee cup set from the Jimbob Art collection, Liberty London/ Lilac Blossom Melamine Dinner Plate,Terrain /abcHome Hombre Nude Table Setting, abchome/Chef Grade Eggs Slicer, Serving Utensil, abchome 


CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP: ALEX KATZ Limited-Edition Beach Blanket / Ice it Italian Style: Bormioli-Glass-Pitcher /Unbreakable Govino Wine Glasses: Color Tray Chic Tray: Glass Ware: